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Ouija Board Facts: It's just a game... Or is it...
Ouija Facts

Below are facts that help make your ouija board experience fun and safe. If you are reading these facts, you are wise.




* The first Ouija board was patented in 1891 by Charles Kennard. The word "ouija" comes from the French word oui and the German word ja, both meaning yes.

* You must have at least 2 people to use the ouija board, but no more than 4 or 5. It is said that if only 1 plays that a spirit might enter their body or the board may also not work at all. Although it may be unlikely a spirit will enter your body I still wouldn't try it, be safe and use at least 2.

* Make sure all that are using it are not skeptical! This is very important. If you are planning on buying one or using one and thinking, "There is no way this thing can work, but i'll try and see" or anything similar, then don't bother because you have to believe for it to work and just pretending to believe won't work either. We did have one person who was skeptical and it worked, the longer it went on the more he believed, the better the session was.

* Try to stay calm and relax. It is said that the spirits can feed off of your energy and gain power. Fear is a type of energy they learned to feed off of. Don't worry about it too much though, if you get scared, just close the board and leave.

* Make sure you "close the board when you are done" by saying something like "please go away in peace" and moving the planchette to the goodbye or farewell on the Ouija board. Not doing so will leave the doorway open and spirits can get enter our world and haunt you.

* Don't ask the board stupid questions such as "When am I going to die?" or "What is it like after you die?" These questions may upset or annoy the spirit and affect your session with the spirits.

* Spirits were once living people and even though dead, they are still subject to arrogance or bias beliefs.  If you ask "Will Obama be a good president?" it may answer no because the spirit may be racist.

* Very rarely can evil spirits get through, but if they do either demand they leave or behave, or close the session by closing the board (which is what I strongly recommend).

* Make sure when touching the planchette that you are touching it lightly and if you feel it moving, don't try to stop it. Lightly touching it will put you and other people's energy into the planchette while at the same time allowing it to move easily.

* You may talk during these sessions and laughing is okay if not actually preffered. Laughing will entice friendly spirits to join in, along with the occassional trickster spirit in which you do the same as with the evil spirit.

* Don't take everything the board says for granted. It may impersonate other people in order to get attention or may lie.

* I have actually had a session where 5 spirits were around at once (unless of course the spirit lied).

* Don't ask if the spirit is happy and if it answers no, don't ask why.  I was using it with my family and we asked a spirit who said died in Iraq why he was unhappy when he said he was unhappy and we had a scary encounter you can read about in the "Stories" section located at the left.

* No asking for physical signs such as "Move that object if your real then" this will start in it happening and an automated sense of fear which would make the spirit stronger so it can do more things and the night would probably end with you in therapy.

* I've heard you are only supposed to play the Ouija board 1-2 hours per week, but I have used it almost every night for about an hour for about a week.


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