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Ouija Board Facts: It's just a game... Or is it...

The Ouija board is one of the most misunderestimated tools of communication in the world.  It can be used to communicate to spirits and must be taken seriously.





  This is an example of a ouija board. Ouija boards are made up of 2 things:

1.) The Ouija Board - includes the words yes, no, good bye (farewell), numbers 1-9, and all the letters of the alphabet. It may also have maybe on it as well.

2.) A Planchette - this is the pointer used for spirits to spell out and answer you questions.


How To Play

* First off you need to purchase a Ouija board or make you own. I personally never played with a home-made one, but it will work just the same. (instructions for making one are to the left).

* You need at least two people if you want to ouija it up. Playing with 1 is said to be very dangerous, never attempt to play by yourself.

* Find 2-5 people to play who are not skeptical or it won't work (more info located in the facts link on left).

Now that you have the major factors let's get started! First you want to set up the ouija board by putting it on your laps and try to make your knees touch, but only if you have 2 people.  With more I suggest using a small table and putting chairs around it.

Once it is set up place your fingers lightly on the planchette ( I usually say 2 fingers per person prefferably pointer and middle fingers, but it shouldn't matter).

Move the planchette around and while doing so ask it a question. Starting out the session a question such as: "Are there any spirits present" is a good one. If the board doesn't respong don't worry! Just give it time.

Once the board responds, ask it simple yes or no questions and gradually ask harder questions.

Once the session is over, you must "close the board". This is done by moving the planchette across the "goodbye" and saying "please go in peace" or something similar to that. If you don't close the board the doorway you opened using the board is still open and spirits can enter and haunt your house!

****For More Info Please Look At The Facts Tab****

I strongly suggest looking at the facts tab so your ouija board experience is fun and safe.


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